Can CFGU Match My Interest?

The Center for Global Understanding in partnership with The Washington Center for Internship and Academic Seminars (TWC) will strive to find placements for CFGU students in their field of interest. TWC has over 35 years of experience with a staff of 70 dedicated for this purpose.

Working from your application materials, including your resume, issues essay, and internship request statement, program advisors will develop a number of potential placements that closely match your goals and skills.

Interested officials at the possible placement sites contact you by phone to talk about the organization and the project(s) you would be assigned to. You choose the placement you want.

No two interns will have the same expectations and interests, so we work to tailor the potential placements to your stated interests. You will have the final say about accepting an offered placement.

All Majors

Because of the wide variety of public, private, international and non-profit organizations located in Washington, D.C., we can successfully find internships for students from any academic major. Our placement sites work with the full range of majors, and we know where particular skills and interests might be in demand.

What You Could Be Doing!

Our interns become involved in projects and settings as diverse as the many organizations in the Washington D.C. area. You might:

  • Help write business plans for art organizations
  • Do quantitative analysis at securities firms
  • Study legislative proposals for tax incentives for renewable energy producers
  • Support directors of health clinics in low-income neighborhoods
  • Plan conferences for international food groups
  • Devise marketing strategies for professional sports teams
  • Produce television broadcasts for Spanish-language stations
  • Review budget requests from federal agencies
  • Monitor Congressional committees
  • Create databases for engineering firmsv


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