Internship Components


There are three basic components to our internship program. The first component is to help students in finding an internship in their area of interests. Second, is to have a wide range of classes available for academic credits. Third, is to have an opportunity to discuss and dialogue with the leaders in Washington D.C. These components are:

  1. Professional Track Programming:
    When students are accepted for the program, they divided into smaller group according to their professional area of interest. Each program has one or more Academic Program Advisors who counsel, help evaluate students, and organize activities for them during their Professional Track Programming meetings on Friday.

  2. Academic Courses:
    Academic coursework is an integral part of the Internship experience. It complements your internship, and may help you earn credit from your home institution. Led by well-qualified TWC faculty who are dedicated teachers, classes are grounded in traditional disciplines. Classes meet one evening a week and are taught in a seminar style.

  3. The Leadership Forum:
    The Leadership Forum consists of a Public Affairs Series which are a structured set of activities that give interns an opportunity to understand leadership and the opportunities they have to contribute to their communities. Students hear and engage with distinguished speakers – including cabinet members, ambassadors, journalists, members of Congress, and others – who introduce them to current public policy debates and the organizations and people who shape them. They have opportunities to visit embassies and learn about international conflicts.

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