Muslim American Scholars Initiative

André Carson

Keith Ellison
Former Congressman
Mike Honda

Former Congresswoman
Laura Richardson

One of our goals is to help cultivate future American leaders through our Washington D.C. Internship program. It is very important that these future leaders have a firsthand understanding, knowledge and experience of how our democracy works and functions. There is no better place than Washington D.C. to achieve and gain that knowledge and experience. We believe that students from under-represented minorities need to participate in this process by obtaining an internship in Washington D.C.

The Center for Global Understanding has partnered with The Washington Center (TWC) to offer our Washington D.C. internship program.

Aspects of leadership development and training:

  • Networking/Professional development strategies

    1. Students are encouraged to attend events and lectures in their area of interest
    2. Interaction with professionals from various fields and backgrounds
    3. Students will expand their professional networking ties
  • Resume Building and Job Search Techniques

    1. Explore new careers
    2. Attend resume building workshops
    3. Job interview skills training sessions
  • Public Affairs Series

    1. Students will have a chance to hear and engage with distinguished speakers – including cabinet members, ambassadors, journalists, and members of Congress
    2. Leadership training and development
    3. Students will be able to hear from Muslim and non-Muslim community leaders
    4. Students will have the chance to interact and ask question
    5. Understanding the basics of leadership
  • Social Entrepreneurships

    1. Students are required to make a commitment of 40 hours of community service within three months after their internship
  • Excellent Academic Courses
  • Well supported program for which students may receive undergraduate credits