What Are the Costs?

The Center for Global Understanding has partnered with The Washington Center (TWC) for Internships and Academic Seminars to provide placement, housing and financial assistance to college level students. All the fees are paid directly to The Washington Center.

The Program Fee: Includes development and cultivation of internship opportunities, individualized attention to each student to identify suitable internship opportunities, mentoring, an academic course, Leadership Forum activities, programming and/or professional development activities suited to each Washington Center program, evaluation of students’ work, and indirect costs related to the administration of the program.

The Housing Fee: Includes identification and lease of space in Washington Center apartment facilities, furniture, utilities (excluding long-distance phone), kitchen equipment, high-speed internet access, resident assistant staff available at all times in the event of an emergency, organized activities (excluding admission fees, travel, expenses, etc), and housing and student life staff.

A key element making it possible for many students to attend our program is the arrangement The Washington Center has with numerous colleges and universities enabling students to receive help from their home institutions in the form of waived tuition. Other students pay tuition to their schools, which then forward all or parts towards payment of The Washington Center's program and/or housing fees. To the extent schools assist in these ways – and hundreds do - students need to pay The Washington Center only the fees remaining on their Washington Center balances.

Over 75% of our students get some kind of financial assistance. To find out what assistance you qualify for, carefully review the links above, contact your institution’s Washington Center campus liaison.


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