Founding Board of Directors


Dr. Amir Hussain:
Dr. Amir Hussain is Professor of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and the chairperson of CFGU Board of Scholars. His research focuses on Muslim communities in North America. Dr. Hussain teaches and publishes about Islam and Muslim lives. He also teaches about comparative religion and interfaith dialogue.

Professor Hussain is a co-chair of the Religion, Film, and Visual Culture group of the American Academy of Religion. He is also a member of the steering committee of the Study of Islam section of AAR. He is the author of "Oil and Water: Two Faiths, One God." His recent book "Muslims and the Making of America" was published in September 2016. Professor Hussain has been an expert commentator for several programs on the History Channel. He has been a guest on the television shows "Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher", "The Tavis Smiley Show", nd "California Connected".

Professor Hussain received his B.Sc., M.A. and Ph. D. all from University of Toronto, Canada. Previously he had taught at California State University at Northridge, California.


Alan Kumamoto:
Alan Kumamoto is a founding partner of Kumamoto & Associates, a marketing, management and communications general partnership. Alan has 35 years of experience in management consulting, resource development/fundraising, and human relations training. He was a consultant to the Ford Foundation Working Capital Fund for mid-sized minority nonprofit institutions and assisted the National Marrow Donor Program with a national Asian Pacific Communications Campaign.In addition to his work with the Pat Brown Institute, he teaches fundraising at the University of California at Los Angeles to nonprofit and public agencies and taught grant writing to teachers for the Miliken Foundation. He works with public agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses in resource development, proposal writing, meeting facilitation, strategic business planning, community needs assessment and evaluation, board development, volunteer recruitment, program planning, coalition building, and community outreach.


Atif Moon:
Atif is the Co-founder and the inspiration behind the Center for Global Understanding. He is a cancer survivor and a graduate of UCLA with a BA in Economics and MA in Sports Management from California State University in Long Beach. He interned at the White House in 2006. He has been selected as "2009 Ten Outstanding Young Americans" by the United States Junior Chambers and "2008 Outstanding Young Californians" by California Junior Chambers, also known as California Jaycees. He is pursuing a career in Sports Marketing.


Munir Moon:
Munir Moon is the founder of Center for Global Understanding. He is a graduate of UCLA with BS in Engineering, MS in Economics and MBA in Finance. He manages an Electronic and Medical products business and is a social entrepreneur. Prior to his own business, he spent 10 years working for Chase Manhattan Bank, Xerox Corporation, Great Western Savings in a management capacity.