Congressman Keith Ellison

"The Center for Global Understanding (CFGU) and the Washington Center (TWC) provide college students with experiences and first-hand knowledge on how our government functions. It is an excellent opportunity for Muslim American students to engage in meaningful civic opportunities whether they are in Public health, Finance, Law or Public Policy. CFGU/TWC are working effectively today to help create this opportunity for young adults to ensure that our future generations possess the skills and leadership qualities to meet the challenges of today as well as tomorrow."
Former Congressman Brian Baird

"I want to command the Center for Global Understanding and all the people who help put this together. And I would just encourage all of you to do whatever path your dream takes you in and if that is service and public service and government or some other mechanism, terrific but there are countless ways to serve. One of the great opportunities we have is in someway to give back"

Former Congressman Mike Honda

"The Center for Global Understanding (CFGU) offers a unique opportunity for Muslim youth to experience civic engagement first hand. I support CFGU and its goals to strengthen our nation, in the public and private sectors, through its diversity and coalition building. These young Muslim American leaders will feel empowered through this program, and that experience will be invaluable to them. I commend CFGU for its initiative to strengthen our nation’s Muslim American community through public service."

Congressman André Carson

"The Center for Global Understanding (CFGU) program offers a unique opportunity to our nation's Muslim American youth. Here they get a chance to experience first-hand civic engagement on how bills become laws and ways to participate in public policy. What a great chance to have Muslim Americans become part of our nation's political conversation. I encourage you to support this positive and great effort.
  Laura Richardson

Former Congresswoman Laura Richardson

"The Center for Global Understanding is getting ready to have new students to be able to come to Washington, to spend time with us and I hope to be able to meet you in person so come join me, Congressman Keith Ellison and Congressman Andre Carson and many of us who will be there to be able to welcome you for your internships"

Actor & Comedian Maz Jobrani

"It is critical that Muslim American youth participate in civic engagement and get the first hand experience in the workings of our democratic institutions. The Center for Global Understanding (CFGU) through its Washington D.C. Internship program offers an excellent opportunity for Muslim American students to spend a quarter or semester in our nation's capital as an intern. A variety of internships whether at NIH or FDA for public health majors, at EPA for environment majors, at C-SPAN or Washington Post for Journalism major and many more in public policy, human rights and civil liberties are available. I would encourage you to take advantage of this program."

CFGU Alumni

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