Experts on Islam Initiative:

Professors with expertise on Islam at North American Universities and other Educational Institutions have in depth knowledge of Muslim Americans, Islam, Muslim countries and culture. They are the most underutilized resource in the public discourse on these issues.

According to The Chicago Council on Global Affairs' task force report titled "Strengthening America: The Civic and Political Integration of Muslim Americans" published in June 2007.

Undertaking a wide range of efforts to further public understanding

"Demystifying Islam for the general public will require greater initiatives by many different Muslim American groups and other American organizations, working separately and in partnership."

We are funding a research study at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles to develop a comprehensive database of expert in Islam in North America. These scholars, most of them are Professors at major universities in USA and Canada, come from all faiths but have spent their life time, in some cases, studying Muslims and Islam and can provide a diverse and critical perspective that is so important in the 21st century.

Our hope is that a variety of audiences including non-profits, for profits as well as community groups and educational institutions who are interested in learning and understanding Muslims, Islam and Muslim countries will utilize this information and invite some of the scholars into their discussions.

The information on Experts on Islam is available by their name, by state they live in or their expertise. Some areas of expertise are, Islamic perspectives on environment, Women's status in Islam, American Muslim youths, Cultural differences, Poverty and Islam etc.

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